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Message Subject My marriage is in crisis
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
That's tough. I think I sort of know how you feel about children.

My son was an accident. When I first heard my wife (girlfriend, at the time) was pregnant, I almost threw up, put up a brave face, and lied about being glad about it. I seriously considered running away or killing myself. To me, fatherhood had always been equivalent to a disaster, doom and death-sentence to all enjoyable things and freedom in life. I strongly believed that only people who had no ambition or goals in life had children to fill the empty meaningless hours. I thought they were selfish to the extreme: finding purpose in their life by creating life to this shitty world where there was no hope anymore. I'd pity the guys who got their girlfriend pregnant and "got stuck" with her and the kid.

It took about two years to get even used to the kid, but they kind of grow on you. Yes, I love him now, but it took time.
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