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Message Subject My marriage is in crisis
Poster Handle Mickeyblue
Post Content
What good are the kids??

In your most particular case a child would provide you with the opportunity for being head of a family. It would put you in a position of growth as a human being. It would no longer be you who is the center of the universe and place the needs of your child above all else. I think you realize that , not in any of the positive terms, only the terms of taking away from you the things you think are yours to claim exclusively.

You married and unless you wsere up front from the beginning that family would not include children, then you are departing from what she believed.

I think before anything is done you both need counselling.

It will not be the child that is taking your position away from you, it will be fulfilling a head of household responsibility and privilege that does it. It is natural and desirable that this happens, usually desired by both spouses.

Just my opinion.
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