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Subject Pentagon preparing ‘Plan-X’ to combat "cyber warfare"
Poster Handle Carshy McCarsh
Post Content
[link to stratrisks.com]

It is an undisputable fact that in the 22nd century, cyber warfare will become more predominant, more aggressive and more frequent and the Pentagon is already preparing itself to counter such threats.

In ancient days, wars were fought by foot soldiers dressed in armor, defending themselves with shields and fighting with swords. Then came cannons, and in a short span of time the scene changed to guided missiles and nuclear warheads. Wars were fought in land, air and sea.

Now war has moved to the vast unexplored realms of cyberspace!

The US is already preparing to fight future wars with Plan-X, a program developed by its Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA), foxnews.com reported on Saturday.

The plan includes creating a new system to “map” the digital battlefield of cyberspace and defining a playbook for deploying cyber weapons, all coordinated by a management facility that would be based in Arlington, Va.

The task is complicated, and while the Defense Department has developed superior capabilities in the physical domains of land, sea, air and space, it will now have to show its mettle in policing cyberspace.

In short, it would have to acquire capabilities to rapidly plan, execute and assess the full spectrum of military operations in cyberspace.
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