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Message Subject seventh day adventists are a satanic cult
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
ANY denomination that has an international ministry & missions will be 501c3 and UN affiliated. This only means you work with the state laws no different than when Jesus paid taxes and took the census. Jesus also preached in synagogues registered with the Romans who were ruling then.

Water baptism? Really? It is biblical.

While SDA may have some problems around Ellen White, the critics often have even more problems i.e. Christian-Zionists. They attack SDA because of the SDA lack of support for modern state of Israel. (such are 'spirituallysmart' & 'jesus-is-savior')

Ellen and James are buried under markers like any others. There is an obelisk in the graveyard. So get your story straight. And the obelisk is a SUN RAY. But you have no interest in exposing the biggest sun cult in the world in Rome and her daughter churches.

SDA are a denomination that has error like all other denominations. Christian Zionism is a Jesuit creation from the beast in Rome. Still I wouldnt call the many Christians deceived by this 'satanic'.
 Quoting: - 29002615

Who cares what the 'critics' say. The Word is all that matters.

True, there are tons of satanic cults, but this thread is about the SDA satanic
cult. SDA is the most deceitful though, because most others can be smelled
a mile away. SDA is sneaky.

If a person wants to get water baptized, fine.

SDA satanic doctrine teaches that water baptism is required for salvation.

That is blasphemy. (Eph. 2:8)

Again, I'm not calling anyone anything. The Word is the only judge.
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