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Message Subject seventh day adventists are a satanic cult
Poster Handle Zerubbabel
Post Content
Pretty good dialogue going on here. I am thankful for most of the comments and make no judgements at all on either the charges made against the SDA church or its founder Ellen White and her husband James white. As a very real matter of fact, Ellen White correctly foretold the state of the church today as it stands. As one poster stated, there are many churches which call themselves SDA, but have never heard or discuss the writings of Ellen White. I try my best to understand what even the staunchest of critics say and why they feel the way they do. Quite frankly, I have looked over the material posted and checked the links to see if there was anything there that I have not seen before. Again, quite frankly, I was disappointed at the scholarship involved. I just found mostly grasping at straws.

Unless nobody has really noticed, the entire world is falling into apostasy. A whole bunch of "reformed" SDA's are calling for the same thing as the OP--"come out of her my people". They think themselves enlightened and make judgement upon them, and I can fully understand why. Most simply do not want to be looked upon as "fringe" or cultic and they certainly do not want to experience tribulation. For many, their 'gods' have become their health message, the Sabbath question, doctrinal differences, vegetarianism, and a number of other things. I still love them dearly just as I do many of other denominations, and I fully expect many of them to respond to the "straight and true testimony" called forth by the True Witness to the Laodiceans which represents lukewarmness in ALL the churches on earth in these last days of earth's history.

The enemy of souls has had a field day with the SDA church. There are champions of God there just as there are everywhere. God has His agents throughout the world and in the palaces and courts and political institutions, holding back the tide of evil untill all things are in place. There are many "sighing and crying for all the abominations in the earth--not the least being our own beloved church. Who do you think Satan will FIRST send his agents to? To those churches who are already under his control. No, he will try to subjugate God's people who are SEEKING to do God's will and have not fallen to Satan's delusions and deceptions. As the Lord said to Elijah in his darkest hour, He still has His 7000 who have not bowed to Baal. He was not alone and neither are we. As the OP stated, all of Ellen White's writings are there for anyone to read at their leisure for free. I have read ALL of it over the last 40 years, and I am the most critical reader of anything. She has done nothing but open the scriptures to me in wonderful beauty. Mock on you soldiers of the cross if that is what is called from you. I have studied every religion on earth over these last 40 years, and I have come away wanting until I found a book completely by "accident" which filled every yearning in my soul for truth. Did the church fill my need? Absolutely not. We cannot trust in the "arm of man"--however enlightened he may appear to be. We cannot make blanket statements about New Age thinking any more than we can about anything else. Just because similar language is used does not make us New Agers. Most of what Ellen White wrote was in the 1800's. Because someone picks it up and uses the same words such as "Mother Earth", it does not make the original writer New Age. The "proof" of her "witchcraft" is very poor at best, and outright lies at worst. In all that I have read and seen, she was just a very humble woman who had several children and only one man in her entire life. She dressed VERY conservatively, and donated untold millions from her writings to hospitals, sanitariums, churches (many of which she raised herself), and untold amounts of money to needy people throughout the world--often right out of the blue and at exactly the moment it was needed. This was all at a time when there were no "writeoffs" or tax deductions for charity. No amount of mockery can change that. She was the most prolific writer in history (either male or female), traveled the entire world and established churches all over the world that still stand today--often facing adversity which would wilt most of us. This is my story and I will gladly stand with the people of God when the enemy comes to destroy us.
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