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Message Subject seventh day adventists are a satanic cult
Poster Handle Royal Assassin
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 Quoting: Ra 18672192

Kolbrin would be a gnostic text without any Christian support. We have all the Christian books in the Bible.
 Quoting: - 29002615

Jesus taught that there are things which should be approached with humility of spirit, they are: holiness, wisdom and nobility. Humility bestows upon the soul the benefit of harmony and attunement. A man once said to Jesus, "But who can define these things, that which is holy to one man can be unholy to another. The thing which one man holds sacred another holds to be an abomination. That which one will bless another will curse". Jesus said, "The many nations and men, because of the diversity of their natures hallow many different persons, places and things, apart from their gods. But nothing can be made holy by men alone, neither can anything wholly of Earth be holy. That which is wholly of and for God is holy, the place wholly for God is holy and the person who lives wholly for God is Holy, but where on Earth can such absoluteness be found?"

"If by gathering in a temple men feel they can better commune with God, then He will be there and that place will be holy. If within a circle of stones or before a symbolic image the soul of man may be stirred to attunement, then God will not absent Himself because of the Nature of the Place. He will meet man wherever man earnestly prepares for His coming. Though the temple may be holy to one man and the circle of stones to another, both places will be hallowed by God, if therein the souls of men are elevated to commune with Him".

"A structure of splendour, magnificent in its architecture, called holy by men who worship there, if their spirits remain asleep and unstirred will not be hallowed by the presence of God. he does not honour places where men just congregate, where their voices alone are raised in worship. He hallows the place where their souls and spirits are uplifted as they seek communion with Him. A Holy place is where the uplifted spirits of men blend with the nature of God".



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