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Message Subject seventh day adventists are a satanic cult
Poster Handle Sir Phydeau
Post Content
adventist are one of the most wonderful people that ive met. they are down to earth and respectful. a lot of them love to serve the community by helping the poor and sick. ADRA, their relief agency helps about 25 million a year. from what i saw they like to emphasize that man should follow christ, help the community and try to live a healthy lifestyle. where i live there's a whole bunch of them, here in loma linda, and ive seen nothing but nice things from them.

here is a documentary made recently on the adventists

 Quoting: akalucas

Very much my own experience as well. In my time running around trying to find the path that suited my faith (or for a while the lack thereof) I've found in my research that denominations tend to have their areas where they have more "expertise" for lack of a better word.

For example, if I want to have an interesting discussion about Daniel and Revelation prophecy, I'll sit down and talk with a well read SDA member. If I want to discuss baptism and Puritan-esque lifestyle obedience, I'll sit down with a Baptist. I want to know more about Torah observance, I'll find a Messianic or Kaarite Jewish dude and so on.

While many have made VERY accurate observations concerning the faults spread around among denominations, few seem to look for the gold in the silt. I choose to take away bits and pieces of each group's wisdom until such a time as I feel comfortable that I've finally got all the bells and whistles down from cover to cover.

I suspect that many here need to take a second look at how much they adhere to Paul's views and opinions from his personal letters vs the words of the Son and the edicts of the Father. But that's just my own personal ax to grind, nothing I'd ever try to force upon another.
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