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Message Subject seventh day adventists are a satanic cult
Poster Handle Sir Phydeau
Post Content
There is nowhere in the bible where it says "Christians must observe Saturday." If you think there is, please quote it.
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 28988802

Um ... the 4th commandment, dude. :/
 Quoting: Sir Phydeau

There is a spiritual sabbath (rest) that we are to enter, which Yeshua taught. Religion and tradition blinds people to this fact.

Being totally in His will under His direct guidance is the Rest, the true Sabbath. That is what the Promised Land and the Sabbath of physical Israel symbolized. The symbols are the shadow of the future, not the future itself. Religion and practices will never let you rest in Him, for those are works of man's ideas or his clinging to the old covenant, not by His Holy Spirit.
 Quoting: Spitting Into The Wind

I can find no fault in your posting. Indeed, they are a shadow picture of things to come. However, I could argue that much is lost on your average Christian simply because they do no honor, observe or even familiarize themselves with the 7 high feasts.

Without these, most don't even really understand what shadow picture has been fulfilled, what will be fulfilled nor the deeper meanings contained within it.

It really IS a beautiful system once you get into it. At least, IMO, anyway.
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