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Message Subject seventh day adventists are a satanic cult
Poster Handle Klink
Post Content
FYI - EGW, James and other founders do most often point to the Bible. This is what would be expected. They also record a lot of bible truth that was common in their day, since lost. But, where they veer from the truth is the ID of the 'earth beast' and forward chapters.

This is why OP cant debunk anything since the critics are often so full of error themselves they have no credibility. I was in SDA for 10 years; from 1999 - 2009.

The SDA theology does need to be exposed for what it is. If I thought SDA could just continue and be safe in their denomination then I would not bother debunking or exposing the error, but what they preach amounts to a rapture theology where many await this National Sunday Law that is never coming. There will be no revived HRE & Earth beast w/NSL forced on the world as many look for.

Without writing a bunch more, I've already made a blog post about who the real earth beast is:

[link to www.geocities.ws]

Also includes Rev 16-18. SDA then are biblical on the millennium & GWTJ.

Some dont believe in the Godhead? I find it biblical. The RC only changed it adding the 'vicar of christ'.
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