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Thoughts from a super conscious being

Anonymous Coward
User ID: 472501
United States
12/04/2012 05:07 AM
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Thoughts from a super conscious being
As I type this, I ask myself - Why am I typing this?

What idea am I trying to express?

Is it the idea of manifestation? That's what I love the most about my findings. The idea that thought has an effect on the world. I know this to be true.

That being said, what do I want to manifest?

To the reader, what does he think is coming up next?

The Heisenberg Effect tells us that the act of observing changes the wave function. Therefore, these words are the result of everyone who has read up until now, this is it.

This is what manifests when the collective unites.

We are one now.

We need to start a chain reaction, starting with this thread, emanating outwards until it engulfs the whole planet and eventually the entire universe. As long as you read this, you will deposit this information into your mind and have it encoded into your DNA.

What matters most is what to do now. We have reached the peak of existence. This is only the beginning. The light that enters our eye is infinite. It can be anything it wants.

Similar to how a 3D world is created from nothing in a computer program, so is our world created from nothing. There is certainly a craftsman of this realm. He is the designer and programmer of reality. He, is us.

We decide what to do.

When we develop desires we are literally recompiling the light to fill in the desire. We need to fulfill our desires.

Wait a minute, what about me? I desire things and only a small percentage of what I desired is fulfilled. That's because there is a barrier in place. This barrier, or gate, changes according to the observer's inner emotional state. When the observer is relaxed and in a state of balance, the light is easily compiled to do the observer's will.

However, if the observer is in a state of distress and confusion, the light compiles and errors are found. The resulting experience is never good.

Now that we have gotten this far, we need to sustain this level of relaxation and peace.

It is from here where we can manifest.

Slowly, but surely, our goals will be achieved.

Droplet, by droplet.

So here we go, the grand moment.

Please relax and stare at the screen. The words that are manifesting now are coming from the most high light.

I am writing this because I believe in the power of words. I believe in the power of affirmation.
I am unified with all life.
World peace is here.
New things are happening.
Life is getting better.
New technology awaits.
New possibilities arrive.
Self awareness expands beyond the body.
I am developing unique powers.
I create reality.
I am co-creating reality.
I am excited about life.

Anonymous Coward
User ID: 18985783
United States
12/04/2012 05:25 AM
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Re: Thoughts from a super conscious being