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Message Subject Syria False Flag - FSA Trained for Chemical Weapons
Poster Handle duncog2012
Post Content
The mischief makers in Syria will be Zionist PTB. They will use the U.S. military, Nato and mercenary pimps to carry out their mission. You can be sure that Iran will be next. They, however, will not go "quietly into the night" this will be full scale war and will effect everyone on the planet. I believe TPTB want the world to be in full scale chaos and anarchy when the ELE occurs so that there will be fewer of us to give then a hard time in their bunkers. I can think of no other reason to pursue such an insane and unjust course.
 Quoting: duncog2012

Everything is a Zionist conspiracy isn't it ?

That's why the UN voted for Palestine to become a state !?

That's why the UN is asking Israel to show nuclear transparency ?

That's why the UN is condemning Israel's decision to build more settlements !?

Yeah...that's right because the world is run by Zionists !

 Quoting: subzero86

It is all a theatrical performance just like in Hollywood where the Zionist also rule. In the end Syria will fall and Israel and the western stooges will have their way. It has already been written. But it really does not matter because the ELE is on the way for the rest of us poor smucks.

Oh and you forgot to include that this is a Zionist site.
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