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Message Subject Syria False Flag - FSA Trained for Chemical Weapons
Poster Handle Newshunter
Post Content
Some new information in this article from the Telegraph. Apparently, the Syrian regime issued orders to prepare Sarin gas for use.

Britain has 'directly' warned Assad of immediate response if Syria uses chemical weapons

The Foreign Secretary said that Britain had used confidential diplomatic channels to directly warn Mr Assad that there would an immediate military response if his regime used chemical weapons.

"We are worried about chemical weapons," he said.

"We have become more concerned about them in recent days for the same reasons the US has. We have already sent our own, clear, private message directly to the Syrian about the serious consequences that would follow from the use of those weapons."

US intelligence officials have recently reported satellite images showing Syrian forces moving chemical weapons into positions where they could be used more quickly and Western intelligence sources intercepted orders to prepare Sarin nerve gas for use.

[link to www.telegraph.co.uk]
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