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Message Subject Syria False Flag - FSA Trained for Chemical Weapons
Poster Handle duncog2012
Post Content
Oh and you forgot to include that this is a Zionist site.
 Quoting: duncog2012

Sure...that's why on every Middle East thread I'm swamped with antisemitic comments, cos this is Zionist site !

 Quoting: subzero86

I did not say the people who come here and post are Zionists. But this site post certain news items to take the temperature, so to speak, of the sheeple and exploit it in their own benefit. This is the purpose of sites like these and others.

I believe the chosen people deserve most of what they have acquired legally they are the most intelligent, wealthiest, best organized, most culturally cohesive group of people on this planet, exceptionally good at networking. They are hard working, very well educated and are taught from an early age how the system works and how to work it for their advantage. These are all admirable traits for people who want to rule over others.

I, however, believe that most people do not want to be ruled, but they don't even realize it is happening. It has been done by years of controlled intentional trauma and religious indoctrination and manipulation of the financial systems of the world. War, war and more war, the most harmful thing to the human spirit and we all know it yet it continues. There must be and is a hidden agenda for these things to keep occurring on this planet. We do not learn from history and I believe there is an intentional reason for it. It is because all our sciences, universities and educational institutions have been corrupted for the benefit of a few.

Abuse of women and their subjugation, not to mention rape and physical abuse is another cause of this continuing cycle of violence on this planet. It has never had to be this way. There is and always has been a hidden agenda on this planet of subjugation, mind control, domination with criminal intent and the end game is playing out now.

The point I want to make is some people are waking up and we will all become formidable foes in the very near future. This is how nature works. TO BE CONTINUED!!
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