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The Truth About Obama - ~MKultra~

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12/04/2012 10:09 AM
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The Truth About Obama - ~MKultra~
Helli everyone I am ~MKultra~ and I am happy to make this my 1st thread, I have followed this site for a bit now and see a lot of people are interested in this topic.

Here I will point out some obvious observations and give you my personal opinion on what it all means, I will do my best to keep the grammar at at least a 3rd grade level but can't promise anything. (way to early lol)

first off let travel back in time to the election before,
the year is 2008 and John McCain, Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama are running for office.

Hillary Clinton a favorite and one of the most respected women in the US drops out.

John McCain a strong runner up to Hillary is Obama's only real competition left, One Sarah Palin opens her mouth effectively killing his chances.

Obama win and become the 1st Black president of the US.

Now quick hop in it's time to travel back to 2011, Where Obama, Mitt Romney and Some guy names Gary? are running for office.

Gary Johnson who is he? really we hardly hear about him, people hail him as the best choice from both side of the fence yet the media keeps the focus on Obama and Mitt.

Mitt Romney the hardcore Americans dream come true, want to bring America back to the 40s and and its core beliefs of the time. Not only dose he have his own Sarah Palin in the form of Paul Ryan, He also is campaigning on views that most American would like left in the 40's...

Obama wins yet again but we all go away thinking that Romney had a real chance, which is better then the last election at at least.

Ok get in let me take you all home to the present and we will have a cup of coffee and I will explain the point of this trip.

Obama was never going to lose there was never even a chance, all his opponents tried there best to throw the election and if not them then one of their party members.

Like anyone really thought that a large group of American that did, would actually go for Mitt & Paul's BS, Across the internet there was hate spewed for Mitt while only a handful defended him from select groups. Anyone who really paid attention knew he had no chance, yet the media played him up as an actual contender. Why to appease us of course as we would not accept not really having a choice.

Gary Johnson was was loved by all and you could not find a forum post or facebook status that said anything negative about him really...yet who the hell is this guy I hardly heard shit about him on TV or in the paper or anywhere other then forum posts and facebook statuses...why becuase he would have won and we could not have that happening now could we.

Obama sure has has his haters and his groupies , he has done good and bad like any president. he is not spectacular and does not really have much going for him like lets say Clinton did .

I think we can all Agree that Clinton was a celebrity and earned and deserved his fame, Bush had all his wars and his daddy to bring us all in watching him....Obama Seems to need thing created for us to keep focused on him and to keep him in the controversy. You can plainly see how hard he is trying to get us to focus on him and he even wants the haters attention.

Like most people know we never really have a choice and the president has no real power other then to keep us entertain and give us someone to hate, But why all this trouble to put one man in that spot and why make it so visible.

Well one we no longer pay attention and when we do we still don't do shit about it, they are not lazy they just know they don't need to put that much work in to covering their tracks anymore....facts can be laid out for us yet we as people still choose to ignore them.

And 2 they needed him in that spot and he is special we just don't know why yet, there is obviously something coming up that's big and for some reason we need Obama.
If you been paying attention to thing you will have noticed an increase in Aliens and end of the world type stories.

The "old boy" network know something and likely Obama is a big part of it and when the time comes we will find out just what that part is...Hillary is a weird one in this if you ever watch her and Obama you can see there is something amiss...She had no want to step down in 2008 but something made her...was she filled in on whats going on? All the player in this are kinda off and its like watching a cheesy sitcom with how it's all playing out.

I don't know why we need Obama or his importance in all of this, but he was placed as the president for a reason and they went through a lot of trouble to put him there.

They have us all watching for something big and at the same time are telling us everything is ok...make me think that they know something is coming just not when...they want us ready but not to panic and Obama will be at the head of it all and might just be the 1st real president in a long time
who actually has power at that point.

Even if you disagree with me about the above, what do you think reasons for a presidents placement might be with this setting? Do you think something big is coming soon and do you think the powers that be know and are preparing?

I look forward to reading your comments and apologize for my grammar.