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Countdown to Doomsday, pt. 2 : -winter warmth-

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United States
12/04/2012 04:04 PM
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Countdown to Doomsday, pt. 2 : -winter warmth-
No doubt the greatest luxury we will be forced to give up will be our climate control. We will no longer have ac or heat.
I will have a near endless supply of mylar.
the few blankets i will take will all be lined with mylar.
All of the animal skins my clan and i kill will be lined with mylar.
mylar will line the mountain cave.
mylar will line the shelters of the newcomers who weren't prepared for doomsday, but seek my help and refuge from the uncivilized survivors.
mylar is the key, until we readapt to the cold.

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leading after the downfall
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