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Anonymous Coward
User ID: 29061307
12/04/2012 05:01 PM
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Christianity - Opiates

* Catholicism - opium. Causes dulled and well-being, rather than the user having to do anything.
* Calvinism - heroin. To give the all-powerful and euphoric feeling that belongs to the selected elite.
* Orthodoxy - morphine. Numb pain effectively and provides a nice halluja.
* Lutheran - methadone. Invalid pain medicine, and keep away from dependence.

Atheism - alcohol

* Marxism - a cheap and bad vodka. Causes of hops and increase the aggressiveness and desire to fight to the surface.
* Free-thinking - absinthe. Used for a long time destroys the brain.
* A professing atheism - absolutism. As a rule creates very fanatical, and to fit the nasty people.
* Irreligion - carton of wine. All bets are off.

Islam - amphetamine

* Sunnalaisuus - methylphenidate. Will make crazy person.
* Shiite - methylamphetamine. In addition to seeing the little snowmen.

Judaism - stimulants

* Liberaalijudaismi - caffeine. To a small extent, harmless, large quantities evil.
* Ortodoksijudaismi - nicotine. As above, but the cause of evil hook.

Buddhism - cannabis

* Mahayana - marijuana. Quite a lot of fun, but in the cloud should not be driven with a car.
* Theravada - hashish. Harder stuff, but can be addictive.
* Western Buddhism - hamppulikööri. As above, but with the alcohol.
* Tibetan Buddhism - cannabis oil. Only to the initiated.

Hinduism - psychoactive substances

* Perushindulaisuus - LSD. Better life through chemistry.
* Harekrishnalaisuus - Ayahuasca. Can result in a really bad trip.

Paganism - miscellaneous alkaloids

* Viikinkipakanuus - kärpässienet. Head gets really boiling.
* Finnish paganism - psilokybiini. Not as dangerous as the previous one.
* Wicca - crazy cabbage. Traditional noitasalvan raw material.
* Germaanipakanuus - mandrake. In the wrong hands really dangerous.
* Mayapakanuus - crazy grass. Really painful stuff.
User ID: 20063747
12/04/2012 05:22 PM
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Re: Religion=Drug
Interesting. It should be noted that MDMA is also used by buddhist monks from time to time. It is a powerful meditative aid, but strips the body of neurotransmitters, unlike cannabis, so it can only be used occasionally.


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