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Message Subject Build -A- Teaching: How Vulnerable Was the Baby Jesus? Please share -->
Poster Handle SoulWinner
Post Content
Why was the Son so demanding? Could He not have made do with less? The Son has, as does the Father, the extreme altruistic love-polarization. He is the opposite of the pure egoism and has protection against it and the power to defeat it, but He comes directly from the Absolute - direct from the Father. And has no defense against impurity. He conquers through love, but can do nothing against the destruction and the sabotage of satan. As with the Father, He only exists in a defenseless as a lamb.

His character is so delicate that if He had come into contact with impurity during His childhood, His first period of development such as lies, deceit, disobedience, or the like, He could no longer have been the Son. The smallest impurity would have prevented His awakening and therefore His becoming man only after His second awakening and when He had the Spirit within Him could He offer resistance to the impurity and have the power over satan.

He had to become man, and that means that He had to be born to a woman who was a real human and not some special being that was created artificially by some means or another. How can a body that is tainted by Satan produce the perfect altruist?

The answer is simple; if she had ever been tainted by Satan she would never have been able to be the mother of the Son. This was the advantage of the Jewish environment, of her parents and her surroundings, there a girl could grow up so that to the moment she became a mother, she had never shown one act of disobedience against her God; and this was Maria. Her purity and obedience were so perfect that she had reached the total denial of her body ego. She had no conscious distinction between good and evil, only the distinction between what God permitted and what He forbid. She was one of the rare beings who had not eaten of the tree of knowledge. The influence of her surroundings, not her birth, had made her absolutely pure and capable of being the mother of the Son of God.___IARGA
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Unless I missed something, I think you answered a different question than OP asked.
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