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Message Subject Build -A- Teaching: How Vulnerable Was the Baby Jesus? Please share -->
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
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google search the works of the nun Catherine Emmerich who claimed to have visions of the life and times of Joseph and Mary and The Infant Jesus

here's an extract, I suppose discernment is required with any literature

Some days after the birth of Jesus, I saw a touching scene in the Crib Cave.
Joseph and Mary were standing by the Crib and gazing with emotion upon
the Infant Jesus, when suddenly the ass fell upon its knees and lowered its
head to the ground. Mary and Joseph shed tears. I saw Mary at another
time standing by the Crib. As she gazed upon the Child, the deep conviction
stole upon her that It had come upon earth to suffer. That reminded me of a
vision I had had at an earlier period in which I had been shown how Jesus,
while still in His Mothers womb and from the movement of His birth, had
suffered. I saw under the heart of Mary a glory and in it a bright shining
Child. As I gazed upon It, it seemed as if Mary were hovering over It and
surrounding It. I beheld the Child growing and all the torments of the
Crucifixion inflicted upon It. It was a sad, a fearful sight! I wept and sobbed
aloud. I saw other forms around It beating and pushing, scourging and
crowning It. Then they laid the Cross upon It, next nailed It to the same, and
pierced It in the side. I saw the whole Passion of Christ in the Child. It was a
frightful sight! As the Child hung on the Cross, It said to me: "All this did I
suffer from My conception until My thirty fourth year, when My Passion
was outwardly consummated." (The Lord died when He was thirty three
years and three months old.) "Go and announce it to men!" But how can I
announce it to men?
I saw Jesus also as the newborn Child, and I saw how many of the children
that went to the Crib ill4reated the Infant Jesus. The Mother of God was not
there to protect the Child, and the children went with all kinds of switches
and rods, and struck It in the face until the Blood flowed. The Child meekly
extended Its little hands before Its face, in order to ward off the blows. The
smallest children were they that struck the most maliciously. The parents of
some even twisted and wrapped the rods for them. They brought thorns,
nettles, whips, little rods of all kinds, each having its own signification. One
came with a very slender rod, like a reed. But when it was about to strike
the Child, the rod snapped, and fell back upon itself. I knew several of the
children. Some went about boasting in their fine clothes, but I stripped them,
and whipped some of them well.
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