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Message Subject Build -A- Teaching: How Vulnerable Was the Baby Jesus? Please share -->
Poster Handle nwo_watcher_911
Post Content
Ahhhhhhhh....It is time to really start thinking. When God tells me to start fighting for souls, then the gloves will come off. For now, I hope those that need to read this, will do so.
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 18225135

The LORD has told me: "I am to be called LORD or The LORD..., (and that you) need to bring people to Me."

..This is taking the gloves off, so to speak.

This occurred to me while considering our conscience thoughts; while one is laying in wait.. (that is, considering to commit crime/sin), are you really behind the wheel mentally during the time you consider these things??


This concept can easily be tested on your own - it is very similar in principle to "blind rage" or driving a car while thinking about something, as you drive down the freeway.

The big difference though, is this: the evil one can leave so fast that you never realized it was him, running your mental commentaries. He weaves in and out of your commentary, emotions, and feelings.

When I told myself I had figured it out, my internal voice said "so what are you gonna do about it" except this wasn't ME asking.

I felt fear, and recognized this to be the enemy. There is only one way to respond to this, and that voice which wasn't my own: I rebuke you in the Name of GOD.

Instantly at that moment, the Lord came to comfort me and I could see absolutely pure white only like I wasnt even there, and I recognized this to be The LORD, as the presence drove out the enemy and then revealed to me verbatim as posted above.
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