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Too Bad There's no END DATE for Christianity

Anonymous Coward
User ID: 24488287
United States
12/08/2012 12:34 AM
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Re: Too Bad There's no END DATE for Christianity
Plenty of people have been saved or even healed by demonic powers.It's because you're a more useful moron to them alive where you can spread your false doctrine to lead others to destruction
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 28892728

Sorry, but the miracles in my story are unprecedented, dickweed, and indisputable.

Whereas every single Bible miracle is a made up stupid story, any idiot could invent.
 Quoting: New Age Messiah

According to you, the ONLY thing she has EVER spoken to you is tefnut cooking. Every last bit of everything else you claim is fiction made up delusions.
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 24488287

She said, "I'm very angry, Tefnut cooking."

Everything else is documented, in court, etc.

Today is the seven year anniversary of my lawsuit against 6/6/6... I did an appeal this summer, it's till pending...

The actual document is on my website, below the lame attempt at a screenplay I made... [link to www.newagemessiah.net]
 Quoting: New Age Messiah

Yah, your delusional testimomy, but you don't believe the testimony of people who were present with Jesus, and None of us believe you. NONE of us, period.