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12/04/2012 09:23 PM
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Preliminary Injunction Hearing In Sibley's Electoral College
Lawsuit Challenging Obama's "Natural Born Citizen" Status
Subpoena Issued for Obama's Original Birth Certificates

By Devvy Kidd

I have been keeping everyone updated on Montgomery Blair Sibley's case. For those who might have missed any updates, Montgomery is an attorney. A very politically smart attorney. He represented the "DC Madame" who was murdered to shut her up. That poor woman "hung" herself, or so the official story goes. The Blair House, residence of the Vice President, was named in honor of Montgomery's family. His case is very important. The sheer amount of legal work he's done is staggering and Montgomery isn't giving up.

I would encourage radio talk show hosts to book him on their show to talk about his case. Montgomery's contact information is on his web site.

From website:

Sibley vs. Alexander, Dinan and Lightfoot is a class action complaint filed in D.C. Superior Court against the District of Columbia members of the so-called Electoral College as class representatives of the so-called Electoral College. The Complaint seeks an injunction preventing any and all of the 538 Electors authorized by the Twelfth and Twenty-Third Amendments to the Constitution from casting their votes for an ineligible candidate, i.e., Mr. Obama. My Motion for Preliminary Injunction was heard at a hearing on November 29, 2012 by Judge John Mott. Significantly, I had served subpoenas duces tecum on Mr. Obama to produce his original birth certificates at the hearing. Mr. Obama ignored the subpoenas. Consequently, I have filed a motion to hold him in Contempt-of-Court. That motion is under consideration by Judge Mott.

The third suit, Sibley v D.C. Board of Election invokes an obscure D.C. law that allows a D.C. voter to mount a post-election challenge to an elected officials qualification for office. This suit expressly grants legal "standing" to a D.C. voter -- the legal bar which has been raised by the government to all previous challenges to Obama's eligibility.

[link to montgomeryblairsibley.com]