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Everybody's Inept, and Nobody keeps their word. My neighbor needs help.

Cest La Vie
User ID: 24182468
United States
12/04/2012 10:18 PM
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Everybody's Inept, and Nobody keeps their word. My neighbor needs help.
Ya know it is a simple as that. If we all tried, at least, to keep our word, and do our best at what the heck we are trying to do, it would go a lot smoother.
Fer example, tonight, I searched the web for help for my neighbor.
He is severely disabled. He was beaten by police two nights ago, I heard it and went to see what was going on. Did anyone else come out to see what was up?
Anyway, he told me the story today of how the policeman was walking around in circles, highly agitated, and then started kicking him on the ground, repeatedly.
As I do, I searched for a legal representative for him on the web, found a group that claimed they were advocates and would call back in 5 minutes.
No call.
Am I surprised?
Not really.
Let's face it, anyone you call nowdays either does not call back or could not care less.
The gov phone numbers here in CA for example:
PERS retirement, 1 hour wait to talk to someone.
Unemployment, no phone calls answered.
Call the City, they are out for the day.
Call a friend, too busy.
Call the water department or gas company for a leak, they basically do not believe you.
It is like pulling teeth to get any response from anyone.
By gosh, if someone needs my help I do my best to be there when the hell I say I will be.
If everyone did so, would not things go better?
Dam I feel sorry for my neighbor, but I am no attorney.
Thank God for our good health, we basically do everything for ourselves.
Blessings to those who can no longer do so.