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Astrological aspects in December

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12/04/2012 11:26 PM
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Astrological aspects in December
12/3-12/11 - no exact aspects between planets for nearly 8 days (been following this for several months now and this seems rare - leaving out the moon and its nodes)

12/11 Mercury (sagittarius) square Neptune (Pisces/rules earthquakes)

12/14 - Uranus trine Mercury (positive aspect, signals change)

12/16 Venus square Neptune (stressful aspect)

12/17 Mercury oppose Jupiter (stressful)

12/20 Jupiter quincunx Pluto (stressful, potentially explosive, but still just pressure building)

12/21 Sun enters Capricorn, winter solstice

12/22 Jupiter quincunx Saturn - not good

Venus oppose Jupiter in center of tightening yod later that day - not good either

12/25 Mars (war) enters Aquarius (sign of our age)
just after that Sun squares Uranus (unexpected circumstances)
Saturn-Pluto-Jupiter yod (stressful aspect, "finger of G-d") exact at 12/26 5:41pm PST

12/29 Sun quincunx Jupiter (stressful)

12/30 Sun conjunct Pluto (powerful aspect)

1/4 Mars trine Jupiter (calm/victory?)

1/7 Mars square Saturn