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The Concept of Sexual Orientation

User ID: 20063747
12/04/2012 11:59 PM
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The Concept of Sexual Orientation
Our society has become completely decoupled to a rational concept of the function of genders. "Sexual Orientation" as a concept has become a meaningless and divisive influence on society, it functions merely to shame and shoehorn people into roles that may not suit them.

As sexual orientation becomes a more and more common means of identity, the groups continue to diverge and common ground is lost. The silent majority of individuals are denied validation as they find themselves nestled within a widening valley between identifying as "gay" or "straight". So they often end up lonely and detached from society; the "queer ones" that arent afraid to admit to themselves that there is no rational reason for "orientation". They are excluded by what they are told again and again is merely passivity and failure to conform on their part; of course it is no measure of health to be well-adjusted to a profoundly unwell society.

The ancient societies of Earth, up until partway through the 20th century, recognized at least 3 genders, often 4. Of course limits are present in animal biology, but physical gender does not always correspond to the implicit psychology underlying what characteristics we are attracted to romantically. Clearly, as America's gay movement has shown us.

The first two genders are the male and female "basic" biologies; mostly heterosexually drawn individuals that adopt intuitive roles in normal society. The 3rd is the male-biology two-spirit individuals: this is based on the persons intuitive psychological adaptations and means that the individual may comfortably identify as both a man and a woman. The fourth is the woman-biology two-spirit, which is a mirror for the male two-spirit.

These people are common in society and were once highly valued and honoured for their unique psychological perspectives; indeed nearly every religious organization (barring the radicalist abrahamic ones) depicts certain deities that are fused as a half-male, half-female; frequently, as in Hinduism, the two halfs are also depicted as seperate consorts, the fused deity representing a greater state of unity.

American ideology attacks non-orientation at every turn, and the consequences are becoming unbearable for the collective. We need the two-spirit individuals for their rightly-honoured ability to diffuse tension between society's genders and to promote unity. We are a lonely, miserable race; many of us feel constantly trapped in our own lives, we feel unloved and invalidated. So why must we continue to base our identities and associations on a concept that has been rightfully eradicated in societies far less "advanced" than our own?

Thank you for reading. May love rule eternally.
pi (OP)
User ID: 20063747
12/05/2012 12:24 AM
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Re: The Concept of Sexual Orientation
Hmm. That sure got swept away quick. Oh what the hell; one bump on behalf of our beloved Lucifer/Ishtar twin-spirited "nobodies" out there, and their soul-mates. Then I'll steal away into the night. hf
Anonymous Coward
User ID: 8867724
United States
01/03/2013 06:54 PM
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Re: The Concept of Sexual Orientation
This world has been dominated by the male energy for too long.

We need more compassion, more female energy.

We should all try and embrace our two-spirit energy.

You need both energies to be complete.
You can do it as one person.
Then you will not feed on the energy of others.

Just be love.

no ego.



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