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WTF georgia? 6th DUI!!! gets you a 1 mth AZ golf vacation, not even slap on the wrist any cops or probation officers on GLP tonight.

scorpions n sociopaths SUX
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12/05/2012 04:22 AM
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WTF georgia? 6th DUI!!! gets you a 1 mth AZ golf vacation, not even slap on the wrist any cops or probation officers on GLP tonight.
hi. My alcoholic brother has been recently been placed on probation for his 6th DUI in his lifetime. The court papers state that the judge sentenced him to a30 day inpatient rehab (he only went to avoid jail time) and after rehab he is to be on a monitoring device and intense probation.

I'm wondering what responsibility lies with his PO as apparently my brothers ex girlfriend was appauled that 2 days after being home from rehab my bro got annihilated drunk and so she called his PO to tell him. The PO told her he would go to his house and she met him over there he had another officer with him.

My question revolves around what happened after they went inside, she witnessed them finding him passed out on his couch, after finally getting him to sit up, they administered a breath test and he blew 4 times the legal limit, there were beer cans everywhere, the PO took pics of all the cans, the state if disarray the house was in, even a pic of his bed where my bro had apparently defecated on his bed at some point and it was still there. His po then turned to her and asked if she could stay and watch over him, she said no, thinking thdy would take him somewhere so he couldnt cause further damage to himself or his house but at the very least anything to prevent him from walking outside and getting in his car and driving.

the PO n cop were about to leave and she said "so what are you going to do with him because I can't stay here".

***The PO said he was going to get a warrant and come back and take him to jail, at which point the cop told her my bro was too drunk to go to jail and he would have to go to the hospital first***

She left and first thing next morning she called the jails to check on him cuz he wasnt answeribg phone. well turns out that not only was he never booked,

**** the PO never even returned to his house to check on him, much less take him to jail it a hospital.****

I can't believe the negligence of leaving a repeat offender alcoholic in that condition alone in his own home with car keys within reach and a vehicle right outside for him to turn into a killing machine with all the innocent families and other drivers on the road.

all the above takes place in the state if georgia, he was done with his "rehab" 2 or 3 mths ago and to date STILL no effen MONITORING or GPS device on him, in fact, the asshole is currently out of the state of georgia and taking a vacation in arizona, so what you think he's been doing daily there with NO MONITORING device and NO PROBATION OFFICER to make a surprise visit at your house (like that would make a difference though, right?) yeah you guessed it, he's DRINKIN?!!

i'm so disgusted in this. what the hell kind of PO rewards such behavior by signing off on a document saying "Yeah, that its ok" to go to az for entire mth plus a couple of days.

I know this post is all over the road I apologize, I'm using a tablet onscreen keyboard and having to type using one finger. if anything thanks for letting me vent.