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Message Subject It's time to take off the kid gloves with regards religion (christianity and Islam in particular).
Poster Handle GeordieLegend
Post Content
Tolerating these psycho's and their blood cults has gone on long enough. If they had their way they'd still be burning and torturing unbelievers.
Fuck them and their 'message of peace and love'.
It's been one massive scam from the word go and personally I'm sick of it.
It's invasive because they advertise it everywhere and it is an insult to rational, decent human beings.
They indoctrinate children that are unable to think for themselves with their insane, violent bullshit and simply expect everyone else to respect that.
They're child molesters...
 Quoting: Tike Myson 1407173

Were you born with that stick up your ass? And why is it any of your business what people believe?
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 11685337

Oh fuck off...

So it's ok for all these bible-tards & religi-tards to post quotes all day on here spouting their shite for all to see - God says this, Jesus says that, Do this or burn in hell etc - but when someone stands up says something against this constant stream of braindead bullshit they have to mind their own business..?

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