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Message Subject It's time to take off the kid gloves with regards religion (christianity and Islam in particular).
Poster Handle Wake up
Post Content
Listen Dude and or Dudereen. I am equally as pissed off as you are. What pissis me of most is that every Tom Dick nutcase Harry has the opacity to call them selves Christians and you know wat... they are not.
So let me help you out here
You can identify a real Christian by his actions and his actions will be dictated by the law of Love and that law looks like this
1. Love is patient.
2. Love is kind.
3. It does not envy.
4. It does not boast.
5. It is not proud.
6. It does not dishonour others.
7. It is not self-seeking.
8. It is not easily angered.
9. It keeps no record of wrongs.
10. Love does not delight in evil but rejoices with the truth.
11. It always protects.
12. Always trusts.
13. Always hopes.
14. Always perseveres.
15. Love never fails.
If their behaviour can best be described by the 14 rules of hate as listed below then they are NOT Christians they are fakers
1. Hate is inpatient,
2. Hate is unkind.
3. It envies.
4. It boasts.
5. It is proud.
6. It dishonours others.
7. It is self-seeking.
8. It is easily angered.
9. It keeps record of wrongs.
10. Hate delights in evil and rejoices in the lie.
11. It always harm
12. Always distrusts.
13. Is always without hope.
14. Always destroys.
15. Hate always fails.
So put your gloves back on and go and kick you own ass for falling for the deception and ask yourself wat it is that you are missing out on. Sounds to me you are looking for wat REAL CHRISTIANS have to offer
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