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Message Subject It's time to take off the kid gloves with regards religion (christianity and Islam in particular).
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
Tolerating these psycho's and their blood cults has gone on long enough. If they had their way they'd still be burning and torturing unbelievers.
Fuck them and their 'message of peace and love'.
It's been one massive scam from the word go and personally I'm sick of it.
It's invasive because they advertise it everywhere and it is an insult to rational, decent human beings.
They indoctrinate children that are unable to think for themselves with their insane, violent bullshit and simply expect everyone else to respect that.
They're child molesters...
 Quoting: Tike Myson 1407173

I read where 89.3% of Icelanders go to church.

I suspect that you do not go to church.

You then seem to be in the minority.

Does that make you feel isolated?

BTW, who peed in your Wheaties? Your intolerance and hatred for God must come from somewhere other than religious advertising. Surely you don't get that worked up over all the advertising for liquor and soured sheep testicles posted all over your country, do you?

Also, church is voluntary, you are not forced to send your children off to be indoctrinated, unlike the forced indoctrination your children get at school.

If you can't see the difference between Islam and Christianity, since you paint them with the same brush, then you seem incapable of discernment. The post a little above shows a good deal of the differences between the two religions.

Christianity is not violent. Yeshua (Jesus) taught peace, not violence. Anyone who does otherwise is not following Christ.

And the pedophiles are in the Catholic Church. That's not true Christianity, but rather a blending of Christianity and Paganism.

So, lighten up Francis, and live and let live.

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