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Message Subject It's time to take off the kid gloves with regards religion (christianity and Islam in particular).
Poster Handle Klink
Post Content
illuminati nwo agenda is based up on ideology's of these 3 religions

the conquest of 'new world' was promoted by cristianism and they made brainwash on native believes

the islamics conquered all midleeast mediterraneum and northafrica and parts of europe in such few years

and judaism are the most racists ever, after the exodus from egypt , they killed destroied lots of vilages on canaam

if you search for the true history beyond religion and academic matrix you will find

i think these religions are the evil itself, you dont see any other religion making such giant bad consequences for the world as those 3 did

world dont have got anything better from these religions...
 Quoting: kringor

Judaism has killed nobody since 70 AD.

The New World had TWO colonial powers: British Protestants and Spanish Catholics. It was the Catholics who caused the religious genocide, and continues today. The illuminati also comes from Rome and founded Washington DC. The Christians do not run DC and are not causing the wars. The illuminati are closer to You.
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