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Subject Now Mitt's running for Santa's little helper! Millionaire Romney and Ann stock up on Christmas supplies on trip to budget store Costco
Poster Handle JUST HERE
Post Content
•Family have long been fans of the discount bulk shop

•Comes day after Romney re-joined the board of directors of Marriott
Retail therapy can cure many an ailment, and though the Romneys are multi-billionaires, they apparently find their source of comfort in the filled aisles of Costco.

The former Republican presidential candidate and his wife were pictured shopping at their local bulk warehouse near their home in La Jolla, California on Tuesday.

The couple stocked up on bottled water, pretzels, fruit snacks, Dixie cups and paper towels. They also seemed to be preparing for Christmas as their carts had a few rolls of gift wrap and a toy car that will likely be a present for one of their 18 grandchildren.

[link to www.dailymail.co.uk]
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