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Message Subject Our Sun is a Stargate ! Huge Black Triangle Spotted on our Sun!
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
Well I may have something to add on that Triangle thingy happening. Patience as I try to be concise. Sorry I'm late to this thread

Maybe a night or two before that event(Sun triangle)... I was taken by the Metraton(google it) in that half in/half out sleep To the sun sphere. I go there often. this time different. He was selecting certain "students". He stretched/expanded my body out to fill the solar sphere, kinda just like that Divinci, "man in sphere" illustration. ..got me really used to a certain energy wavelength. Then Meta Bumps me up a notch. to a higher frequency, wavelength, existing dimensiton ..whatever you may call it.
I saw while there maybe 2 others go thru it. then I was back on earth. In my room. Very vivid.
I goto computer next morning. click absently mindedly on youtube, and go Holy... Shit. saw that triangle and was like "that was me and those others". These beings all my life have thrown me in situations/iniations. then I have to find out what happened later. All my life. I've been taken numerous time before something earthshaking occurs. this was my first being taken to Star. Been taken to some planets but 1st to a star.

GLP, take this for what its worth. Don't care one way or the other if you believe. For the others like me. Understand you weren't alone.
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