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Countdown to doomsday Pt. 3 : -recruitment-

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United States
12/05/2012 11:46 AM
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Countdown to doomsday Pt. 3 : -recruitment-
Today we are only 15 days away from departure date, the day we embark into the woods for survival. A day early.
Supplies will be aplenty.
I have decided to begin recruitment for a new clan and eventual civilization.
To be a part of this you must be at the location on departure date and you must always carry your own weight.
Men will be expected to hunt, build, gather, farm, and cook.
women will be expected to sew, gather, farm, clean animals, and cook.
You will all be expected to fight if our clan is threatened.

If you are interested in being part of this rebel clan, who doesn't give in to those who would control us, then you may let me know by posting today.

You will be contacted by other rivate means (email, messaging, etc...)



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