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Somebody, please burn down the bakery.,

User ID: 20679797
United Kingdom
12/05/2012 03:14 PM
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Somebody, please burn down the bakery.,
So, you really want to destroy yourselves and your civilisation for an extra slice of pie?

Go for it. Really. Go for it.

If all you really want out of existance is a double helping that you'll never even finish, never take a moment to savour and will never even begin to enjoy, because you're too busy watching it, checking it's still there, making sure it hasn't rotted away. It'll decay like everything else, but it's so precious and you must have more.

You forsake your families and friends for your greed. You betray the trust of your closest bonds and the kindness of strangers to take one more step up a staircase that leads nowhere.

You are lost, powerless and afraid and you have no idea how to act or react, as it has been for centuries. You've learned from your loved ones and from your enemies and they have learned from you.

You have no direction, yet you are pushed constantly from the light into the dark. From the warmth of loving arms into the cold and lonely clasp of your own mortality.

The pie is worthless, tasteless and stale. But, you already knew that, deep down. You already know, but you're scared to give it up.

I promise it won't hurt.