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Subject Mayan 2012 Doom - We are heading for an Epic Fail
Poster Handle gdwk
Post Content
Earthquakes are lower in 2012 in all Magnitude Categories
when compared to 2011.

During 2012 we had the 2nd Longest Interval Between
M7+ Earthquakes since 1990 - 124 Days.

The Longest was in 2004 - 151 Days.

The M6.0 - M6.9 Category is the Lowest this Millenium.

Today is Mayan

Only 16 More Days left in the 13th Mayan Long Count
Calendar and the end of a 5200 Year Grand Cycle.

On 2012/12/22 we begin the 14th Mayan Long Count Calendar
and a new Grand Cycle.

[link to earthquake.usgs.gov]

During 2012 we have had -

No Tsunami Doom

No Comet or Asteroid Doom

No Solar Flare Doom

No Rogue Planet AKA PlanetX/Nibiru Doom

The Year will end Quietly.


Herman Likes no Doom - So do I.
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