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Macy's Fires Another Santa Claus for Being Drunk

Anonymous Coward
User ID: 24485125
United States
12/05/2012 06:31 PM
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Macy's Fires Another Santa Claus for Being Drunk
"NEW YORK – Macy’s department store has fired yet another Santa Claus employee for being drunk at their Herald Square location in Manhattan, their fifth Santa termination since November 25th. A spokesperson for Macy’s said that two other Santas have been suspended without pay for three days and another was issued a verbal warning, all for consuming alcohol on the job.

Nathan Newton was the latest Santa to be let go. Macy’s terminated Mr. Newton on Sunday after a family saw him urinating in an alley behind the store. A Macy’s spokesperson said that normally Newton would have received a warning or suspension for drinking on the job but urinating in public was grounds for immediate dismissal.

“Mr. Newton had so much potential as a Macy’s Santa but public urination will not be tolerated under any circumstance. It’s unfortunate Mr. Newton will not reach his Santa Claus potential with our department store, but we wish him all the best in his future endeavors.”

Story Link: [link to www.thedailyrash.com]