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No Cable or DSL svc? Great solution: Mofi network router and 4g stick


User ID: 10221328
United States
12/05/2012 10:22 PM

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No Cable or DSL svc? Great solution: Mofi network router and 4g stick
Mofinetwork 3500 Router + 4g LTE stick modem is a great alternative for those who cannot get a wired internet connection, aren't thrilled about satellite internet but have a decent wireless signal. (I used Cricket's Bolt 4g lte modem and they are rolling this out nationwide. They have an unlimited plan for $80.00 per mo. expensive yes, but better than dialup) Mofinetwork is by far the best tech company I have ever worked with as they had to customize some things and were relentless in getting my system working.

I have a good signal from the router about 800 ft from it and a decent signal at 1000 ft! The router was only $99.00 on a common shopping website.

I had a choice between this and satellite..heard lots of bad things about satellite and I work at home..12g per month wont cut it.

Mofi is really prominent in Canada and supports all Canadian stick modems and custom wrote some firmware for my modem in the US. WOW

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