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He He He..

Anonymous Coward
User ID: 22018224
United States
12/06/2012 12:27 AM
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He He He..
This video is how I view voting sometimes(Republican or Democrat)

Go ahead, which will you choose next? charlie

User ID: 21232567
United States
12/28/2012 09:44 AM

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Re: He He He..
You cannot destroy my vision when you see my vision undestroyed because I am just an undestroyer.

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Truth is a lot like unfiltered light. It exists and expounds in every spectrum, including spectrums that humans are unable to see with our eyes. ;) ☼

"I am a hunter of peace, one who chases the elusive mayfly of love... errr something like that." -Vash the Stampede
Being Mindful

User ID: 30907980
United States
12/28/2012 09:52 AM

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Re: He He He..
totally funny... but left or right mentality keeps us in a two dimensional mentality never to rise to the occasion of something new.

We have to go up.... up and away he he he....its all within
who is on board?

Im going are you?

May you have a great day!!!

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