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omg craziest dream ever

Anonymous Coward
User ID: 26456664
United States
12/06/2012 07:16 AM
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omg craziest dream ever
i had a dream last night that i was walkin down some crouded hallway, maybe it was like highschool hallway back in the day,

tons of kids in there

but all the sudden bout 40 feet in front of me i could literally see "anonymous" on the ground getting beat up bad!!!

he was getting jumped!


i ran up closer and say anonymous was on the ground getting his arse WHOOPED!!!!

i backed up quickly saying its anonymous its anonymous!!!!!

that was pretty much the who dream i dont remember anything really after that.

and how did i know that he was anonymous? he had a black sign about 4 feet across and 1ft high that was hanging from his neck like someone who stand on a corner and holds a buisiness sign, the sign would be hanging from their neck and across their stomach. the sign was all black and said anonymous in big capitol letters.

freekin hilarious dream i literally remembered it just as i got back on glp afroafroafroafroafroafro damned

so there ya have it folks, anonymous gots beat up real bad.
Anonymous Coward
User ID: 29166728
United Kingdom
12/06/2012 07:49 AM
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Re: omg craziest dream ever
Do you know who he was?