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BREAKING BUST: Software Giant John McAfee Arrested in Guatemala

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United States
12/06/2012 08:41 AM
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BREAKING BUST: Software Giant John McAfee Arrested in Guatemala
Guatemala City – Guatemalan police arrested software company founder John McAfee Wednesday for entering the country illegally, ending a bizarre journey and search for the anti-virus guru by authorities in Belize.

The fate of the anti-virus guru remained unclear Thursday as Guatemalan authorities awaited word from their Foreign Ministry as to what they would do with McAfee and whether they intended to send him back to Belize, where he is a person of interest in the killing of a fellow ex-pat.

"We are awaiting instructions from the Foreign Ministry. It will be the foreign relations department that decides the process," Interior Minister Mauricio Lopez Bonilla said following McAfee's arrest Wednesday at a hotel in an upscale part of Guatemala City.

I need a safe place where I can actually speak out. Now that I'm here I can speak freely. I can speak openly. - John McAfee, Anti-Virus Software Company Founder

Earlier on Wednesday, McAfee said he had formally requested asylum in Guatemala after entering the country from Belize, where he says he fears for his safety because he has sensitive information about official corruption and refused to donate to local politicians.

Read more: [link to latino.foxnews.com]


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