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The Illuminati & Pandora's box

Anonymous Coward
User ID: 29149592
12/06/2012 11:48 AM
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The Illuminati & Pandora's box
What do you think is/are the Illuminati? And do you think it is good or not?

I'am a atheist... I dont believe in god or the devil. Some people say the illuminati are devil woreshippers. I think they are the power behind the throne..(banks etc.) the ones that funds the goverments to start a war to take over a country. I think their goal is the form a one world goverment with the elites on top, so they can do whatever is on their agenda.

So in my opinion something bad.

Now I've read some threads here on this forum. And some people call themselfs the illuminated ones (Illuminati?). There is even one guy (pandora´s box) who claims he´s from the future, and that there is a one world goverment in his time. He says that this is the only right solution for humanity...

What are your thoughts about this? If there is gonna be a one world goverment wouldn´t that be the same like dictatorship?

So again.. how would you describe the Illuminati? And do you think it is good or not?