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United States
12/06/2012 02:14 PM
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I've been thinking for at least 6 years now that radical Islamists are trying to bring about their prophecies of end times and that there's lots of folks placed all over the globe to help and in the last 4 years have felt us grind ever more quickly through those in Revelations in the Bible to the end. I've read the "Left Behind Series", studied Revelations and feel things are definitely coming to a head. My parents are Christian and I've talked to them and anyone else who believes and for the longest time they all pooh poohed it. I believe that anyone who brings about the signs of revelations on purpose, which is artificial, is still acting on behalf of evil and God's enemies, and will ultimately bring about Jesus' coming and Armageddon and I feel it will be sooner than later. I've read about 12/21/12 and have seen about a zillion interpretations of the Mayan Prophecies as well as a zillion interpretations of those of Revelations. I must admit that understanding Revelations as I read them has become much easier to do and perhaps as we get closer God has let us see more. I don't have answers, but I have seen signs and think that we should definitely look to the Lord and Jesus before time grows too short for us to do so. Read Daniel, Revelations, John, and Matthew for information and Psalms for comfort. It is my greatest hope that more should come to Him through his words than not so their lives will not be forfeit. God Bless everyone!