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Remember the Matrix, Nothing is Real in 3D - A dream of a World so split apart

Believe It or Not
User ID: 20029266
12/06/2012 03:21 PM
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Remember the Matrix, Nothing is Real in 3D - A dream of a World so split apart
We all seem to forget, nothing is real in the Matrix. People are buying into it.

I had a dream of two cinemas, both were the same, a mirror of each other, both with a Hollywood attachment, 3D on celluloid.

I find myself leaving one cinema to go to the other via a side door exit. It actually did happen in a 12 cinema complex back in 2001. I went into theatre 4 instead of 5(Dimensional Shift).

I recall the first movie was DOWN to EARTH starring Chris Rock, and it was packed and about reincarnation. Realizing after 15 minutes the story line did not fit with the movie energy, I rushed over the other theatre and in this theatre there were not many patrons, just a handful.

Trying to recall with a web search showing the movie release dates with DOWN to EARTH it was in Feb 2001. So what was the other movie called?

Looking at [link to www.the-numbers.com] its all really a guess because I thought it was FINAL FANTASY: The Spirit Within (a re-birthed Earth just like TOTAL RECALL. All I could come up was LEFT BEHIND.

Seeing 'empty seats' in the mirror image must mean be a clue. Those who remained centred and seated could see the whole picture unfolding towards the end days! In the mirror image theatre, I felt slightly 'Beyond The Invisible' (having a Light Body) [link to www.youtube.com]

Beyond The Invisible Lyrics
I look into the mirror
See myself, I'm over me
I need space for my desires
Have to dive into my fantasies

I know as soon as I'll arrive
Everything is possible
Cause no one has to hide
Beyond the invisible

Close your eyes
Just feel and realize
It is real and not a dream
I'm in you and you're in me

It is time
To break the chains of life
If you follow you will see
What's beyond reality

What was very obvious with this dream was the theatre was called KOSY (A 3D Comfort Zone). Everyone were still sitting and LEFT in the DARK and didn't know what was going on.

This old theatre was built in 1925 until its closure was in 1968. In the dream a time-line chart as a overlay (multidimensional energy) of a street, and a Christ-Michael signature alignment to Abundant Hope as a protocol and another as the Creator. This street also gave me codes from the year 1900 to 2000 like the progression of silent movies to the talkies, and from monochrome to digital color.

The overlay can also mean Phi matching the Christian name Phil and The Golden Mean Spiral like a clock spring.

I know what was encoded, matching 'left behind' many still have yet to wake up who will go to other 3D worlds. I hold memories to a dear friend called Phil Levy (leaving) who was swept overboard and drowned at sea about 1969. Phil had a D-I-Y Hire-business and had moved from his home that was next door to the old theatre that closed down in 1968.

During this dream I was ushered outside and went to the other side, and the day-time between looked like a Twilight (Zone), this may be the 3DD. [link to www.youtube.com]

Q: "Have you every gone to a daytime matinee and when you come out into the bright daylight, you look at your wrist-watch to check, "what time is it?" Your eyes are 'wide open' in the dark, why then are so many blind???

I wonder how many are buying into 2012, if they went to see it in 2010?

Domestic Box Office $166,112,167
International Box Office $600,700,000
Worldwide Box Office $766,812,167

I see National Geographic is cashing in next week with [link to channel.nationalgeographic.com]

Hollywood mind-programming is all coming to a close, the 3D hologram deck has run out of script about love, all they can produce now is Satanic with vampires and zombie actors.

We all seem to forget, nothing is real in the Matrix. People are buying into it.
Anonymous Coward
User ID: 18473051
United States
12/06/2012 03:57 PM
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Re: Remember the Matrix, Nothing is Real in 3D - A dream of a World so split apart
Thread: Hello!!!!......is there anybody out there with me inside "Matrix/Holodeck/Fake Reality/Fake 2012/Truman Show/Source Code/Inception" Life???
Believe It or Not (OP)
User ID: 20029266
12/07/2012 04:59 AM
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Re: Remember the Matrix, Nothing is Real in 3D - A dream of a World so split apart
The plot to LEFT BEHIND - note all the similarities in the present, and at the same time of this released movie, Obama matches as the False Messiah to most Americans as their only Savour! Now like a puppet with brain surgery.

[link to www.dailymail.co.uk]

Cameron "Buck" Williams narrates, saying, "How do you describe both a beginning and an end? We should have known better, but we didn't. What does it matter what we think we know? In the end there's no denying the truth." A young television journalist for a news network called GNN, Buck reports from Israel about a new technology with which food will grow almost anywhere. He interviews Israeli scientist Chaim Rosenzweig, and praises him for creating a miracle.

Suddenly, Arab Mikoyan MiG-29 fighter jets fly over, attempting to attack Israel with a vicious air raid. The sun disappears even though it is still in the mid-day. A missile hits near Buck and Chaim as they retreat to a military bunker. The jets start exploding and crashing down even though Israel forces didn't fire a single shot and a commander states they how Israel, "can't get those planes up". Buck runs outside with the news camera and records the drama as some GNN executives and reporters watch back in Chicago. The jets explode and crash to the ground and the entire force is destroyed.

The story shifts to pilot Rayford Steele, who has been called in for an emergency flight from New York to London, thus forcing him to abandon his son Raymie's birthday party. Despite his wife's and his daughter's protests, he sets out on the flight and leaves his family behind. Rayford's daughter, Chloe Steele, is leaving for her college exams. Buck, having decided to go to London for an investigation of the attack, boards Rayford's plane.

On the flight a flight attendant, Hattie Durham, walks into the cockpit and asks who wants coffee and reveals she's taking a job at the UN and this is her last flight. Rayford ends up kissing Hattie outside the cockpit. Later during the flight some passengers awaken to realize that several of their fellow passengers are missing. Panic sets in as Rayford and his crew try to contain this situation. Buck helps Hattie try to keep the passengers calm. Upon returning to the flight cockpit, they discover that people (later revealed to be Christians) are mysteriously disappearing worldwide and even planes are down from missing flight crews, and crashes everywhere. He is forced to turn the plane back and land in Chicago. Shortly after landing, Buck locates Rayford and asks him to fly him to New York City.
Rayford refuses, saying that he has to be with his family, but tells Buck that he knows of a pilot. He asks Buck to go with him and they drive to his suburban home.

Meanwhile, Chloe is driving home from her college exams when she encounters a large traffic accident. She goes to check on a crashed semi, whose driver vanished. People are reporting abandoned cars and children missing from their seats. While Chloe is inspecting the carnage, her car is stolen by a hurt man and she is stranded on the wrecked highway. She eventually starts walking down the highway. Rayford discovers that his wife and son are missing. He and Buck are forced to stay in the house because of a military-enforced curfew. Rayford starts crying and smashes a mirror with his wife's Bible, which he later starts to read.

Chloe returns home and reunites with her father. Soon Chloe goes downstairs and discovers Buck sleeping on the couch. After conversing about her missing family, Chloe drives Buck to the airport and goes to look for her younger brother. Buck takes a plane to New York with pilot Ken Ritz. Rayford, trying to find Chloe, finally finds her in an elementary school and scolds her for running away. He apologizes and suggests they search the church because that's is where they were most happy. Chloe refuses to go to church, saying that her mother was happiest when Ray was home. After Chloe returns home, Rayford goes to New Hope Village Church (the church his wife and son attended) and finds Pastor Bruce Barnes. Bruce has also been left behind; until now, he has never truly believe in God, which cost him his wife and children. A believer at last, he begs for forgiveness and asks God for a second chance to help people. Rayford enters the church and kneels next to Bruce, telling him that God already has used him. They then watch a videotape left by another Reverend Billings dealing with the Rapture, in which all true believers are taken to heaven, while the rest are left behind to endure the Tribulation seven years of war and suffering.

When Buck gets to New York City, he finds that his friend Dirk Burton has been killed. While he is there, he takes a computer disc and is almost shot by a sniper. Buck decodes the computer disc and finds that someone is trying to bankrupt the UN in order to control the world's food supply. Rayford confronts Hattie, telling her that their "affair" was wrong, and that he wants her forgiveness. She leaves in a huff, but Rayford tells Chloe about God and she says she believes. Meanwhile, Buck flies back to Chicago to meet with an old friend, CIA agent Alan Thompkins. After the meeting, Alan is killed in a car bombing, which Buck narrowly escapes. He goes to Rayford's house, because they are the only ones Buck knows in Chicago. Taking the wounded Buck to New Hope Church (as a makeshift hospital), Rayford and Bruce show Buck the tape that Reverend Billings made. Buck, however, does not fully believe the claims, and he goes to the UN to warn Chaim about the impending mistake. Rayford and Chloe attempt to stop him, because he doesn't have God on his side. Buck ignores the Steele's advice and goes to the UN anyway. After his departure, Rayford and Chloe pray for him.

At the UN, Buck sees the plans for the new Israeli temple, and realizes that everything Rayford, Chloe and Bruce told him was true. Before the meeting Buck finally accepts God and asks Him to show him The Way. When God complies, he realizes that UN Secretary-General Nicolae Carpathia is the Antichrist when he reveals his plan for world domination. His plans for rebuilding the temple of Israel are a logical first step to this end. He shoots Jonathan Stonagal and Joshua Todd-Cothran, who behind the plot to bankrupt the UN. Then, Carpathia brainwashes the new "kings and queens" (the UN delegates set to represent him in the coming years) into thinking that Stonagal rushed a guard, took his gun and then shot Cothran and himself. Everyone, even the press, believes him except Buck, who leaves and returns to the church, where he resolves to fight Carpathia with the help of his friends. Narrating, Buck says the "seven years of peace" declared by Nicolae will be the seven worst years mankind has ever seen, and that faith is all we need.

[link to weeklyworldnews.com]

One of the biggest lies, Obama is a clone created by the elite. Its all back-fired now. And how do I know Akhenaten, he is my father as RA.

[link to thefreemanperspective.blogspot.com.au]

Another false messiah (cloned) is at [link to www.aj-miller.com]

This is the movie. I never saw the beginning!
[link to www.youtube.com]

A channelling you need to read!

The Middle East of course is the great topic of conversation. The words come doomed. The land is not owned by anyone, Palestinians, Israeli, whatever. The land is Mother Earth, the land divine of Creator Source, this land of blessed Lord Jesus [Esu Immanuel] whose feet walked the pathways. Once again a debated fight to create war amongst themselves. It is very sad, but it is the political ones who wish to retain their properties and boundaries. For no man shall have properties and boundaries in the future. All lands will belong to all peoples. Everyone will benefit from the land herself, the earth, the dirt, the growing of plants and fields, the enrichment of love to the land.

In the meantime this war will continue bloodshed. There will only be, alas, sad to say, more deaths, more sparring. It breaks our hearts to see this happen. Men have not yet, how would you say, awakened fully yet. They are still in their density. It is sad, terribly sad, that women suffer so much, and the children. But this happens with all races throughout the galaxies, throughout all universes. It is not just Earth. There are many out there who are relying on the transition here and the ascension of this Earth, to give them also the freedom to move forward in their own universes, in their own galaxies. For there are many out there who are also persecuted by others.

There have been many wars fought in the name of greed, but love will conquer all in the end, for there is nothing but love in the centre of the universe within. And that is you, children of Earth, the centre of your universe is your connection of the soul spirit, the light body, the energies. They all run through your veins, your cells, every little miniscule piece is connected back to God, Creator Source, Father. We are all connected back to him, for without him there is just nothing.

We ask you at this time once again beloved children, to meditate, to pray, pray from your hearts, pray in your own words, do not prattle words made by others, they have no meaning. Give of yourselves. This holds more light than anything else. Each day the Earth grows stronger, each day the ascension gets better, and we will be with you all. This is not the end, it is the beginning. The beginning of coming to new places, finding yourselves, knowing the truth. Truth being of your Creator Source, divine Father, and the truth of how and who you are, beings of light bodies, of ancients, of reincarnated ascended masters. Time and time again, average people, souls re-created, in many places throughout the universe. Yes, parallels do exist; yes, dimensions do exist; yes, portals do exist. And there are those who are now in the Earth's atmosphere in many craft, waiting, shining like stars in the night sky. Craft that beam red and all of the magnificent colours of the spectrum. For those are the light bodies that await you all.

We ask you to calmly focus, stay in your own self, give your light and love where you can. You cannot take on other people's lives and do the journey for them. You must take care of yourself, your bodies, your light bodies. The beauty and love they retain will radiate to all. Stay centred, live your daily lives as best you can. Smile, laugh, even in the worst moments. Do not be influenced much by the news reports of the world. Remember there are many negative energies out there, and we wish to share the light to the negative energies, to have them walk with us. But again, whether they accept or not is entirely up to their own free will. This Earth is a free will zone. We cannot interfere but just sit on the sidelines and be here for you. Please ask us for any help you need, or assistance, again through your guides, your beloved ones. Do not forget, you are not alone. We treasure you, for we are all part of the one, the divine. Amen.

Continues: I can now see a great big spear of white light crystal [with an expanded double conical point]. It comes down from the heavens. It is a beam of light coming to the centre of Israel. This beam of light will destroy the place. It is going to make a great mess, radiating out. It is not a killing machine but it will destroy by vibrations, harmonics. It will level the place, like when the walls of Jericho were supposedly flattened. There will be a point in time for this to occur, not just yet, but soon enough.

Source: Private
Anonymous Coward
User ID: 25115247
United States
12/07/2012 05:46 AM
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Re: Remember the Matrix, Nothing is Real in 3D - A dream of a World so split apart
Left Behind= superstitious christer nonsense
Anonymous Coward
User ID: 29217285
United States
12/07/2012 10:20 AM
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Re: Remember the Matrix, Nothing is Real in 3D - A dream of a World so split apart