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Message Subject Pilot Speaks Out About Chemtrails And HAARP
Poster Handle pray_Italy
Post Content
^^ tried this at times ^^

here in Italy, Venice the planes leaving anomalous trails (I prefer calling them this way) DO NOT show up on the tracking sites :(

We have a US Base nearby in Aviano, but I really doubt that all or even most of these planes come out from there. Normally they are dedicated to one specific area of the sky but are flying from/to different directions TO/FROM the area they are leaving the trails.

I continue to wonder HOW the sprays are actually activated, as at least where I live they only appear in a dedicated area of the sky and NOT all planes are leaving trails (maybe due to their altitude I get it) or leave a different kind of trail, i. e. smaller/larger/fluffier (maybe due to different engines)

Who actually CONTROLS the planes/pilots giving them orders where to fly and when to "push the button" to eject whatever they leave behind.
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