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Message Subject Pilot Speaks Out About Chemtrails And HAARP
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
AC465 it is you in particular that has attacked these threads from the start.

And you have convinced no one! You have made it clear however that you are trapped in stupidity.
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 4383319

I'm not here to convince a single chemtard...of anything! I'm here to post the truth in response to stupid paranoid fantasy.

I KNOW you morons won't accept anything I write as truth. Nor do I care.

I represent the aviation professionals who you malign with your pathetic ignorance.
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 1211465

Posting truth to different sided people is an attempt to convince..
Not everyone is paranoid, or stupid, or in a fantasy. Some are...

You are in that some. You are paranoid of people discussing alternatives to your narrow minded approach. You are stupid because you fail to see both sides, instead you only see one, and stick to it. You are also in a fantasy, coming to godlike to post your argument that doesn't even mesh with what the so called "morons" discuss.

So.. You come to post to convince nobody. You only relieve your aggression through an anonymous source.
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 4383319

It's not posted for you..it's posted in opposition of you. You post your paranoid fantasy, those of us who actually understand the trails in the sky have every right to post the truth in response...

But, don't act as if we want to debate chemtards...there is no debate. You're wrong. I'm not paranoid for defending the truth against those who are accusing others of wrongdoing based on paranoid and ignorant assumption. I don't fear you morons...I pity you.

And yes, pointing out that there is no evidence that the trails are anything more than contrails DOES. "Mesh" with the claims of the chemtards.

"Different sided"

Is that a new age term for schizophrenic?!

I have no choice but to see one side of all this...you chemtards have failed so miserably! Everything you losers claim is nothing more than proof of your ignorance about so many subjects. How could I possibly "see" your side of the argument...when it's so pathetically absurd?!
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