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Message Subject Pilot Speaks Out About Chemtrails And HAARP
Poster Handle WHATEVER
Post Content
This Groundhog Day theme is by its nature never going to come to a consensus outside of court.
I can only add that these persistent contrails do show oil-film colours when the Sun shines through it, some kind of fuelwaste I suppose and this contributes to airpollution.
When these oily constituents eventually fall on the ground, it's quite likely imo that all kinds of pollution elements, including floating viruses and fungusparticles become entrapped in the haze and reach the ground aswell.
And besides, planes do dump excess fuel on a regular basis and not only over the ocean I suspect.
Fact is that local pollution has risen sharply after flight corridors started to appear roughly 15 years ago, especially when planes circle around waiting to land.
Not so difficult to fathom this added, unhealthy pollution because of increased airtraffic !
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