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Message Subject Pilot Speaks Out About Chemtrails And HAARP
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content

No, you people don't want truth. You want to jump to conclusion and make assumptions about your paranoid fantasy in an effort to recruit others into your pathetic cult of ignorance.

Contrails have always made the sky hazy. It just happens more often now because of the added flights, airports, air outer and high efficiency engines.

You chemtards like to assume that these things don't matter..you refuse to believe it, because it instantly kills the stupid fantasy.

And yes, you chemtards have actually recruited other gullible losers into your religion of stupidity.

Religion? Why?

Because ALL you have is faith...

Faith in your knowledge, the knowledge of your direct peers and faith in your belief that there is no way anyone is going to fool YOU. That's impossible... You know it's true...because you know it's true.

Religion at its finest.
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 25792038

That is definetly not the response I was expecting from you. There is no reason to be harsh, and it is very telling.
And lol at "you people don't want the truth"...You are by far the least credible poster in your arguments that you bring about to discuss, which throws you in the pile with the rest.
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 4383319

Harsh my ass!

You people couldn't care less about the truth. If you did, you would consult atmospheric scientists...not other chemtards, for your answers.

I don't give a shit if some chemtard can't recognize my credibility over that of his pathetic conspiracy nut loser Peers. Again, the fact that you people REFUSE to seek out those who have actually studied these subjects, says much more about you than you like to admit.

The fact remains, there is no evidence that the trails are anything more than contrails. You whining about my credibility doesn't change that fact.
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 25792038

If you don't give a shit, then why are you still posting?
If you don't care if someone thinks you are credible or not, why pay attention to it? As long as you know you're right, you shouldn't get so mad. (advice for chemtards and tard-tards)
And if whining really bothered you, you wouldn't do it yourself.

Yeah, fuck yeah we want the truth, but you're not even posting it yourself, just facts about contrails and not chemtrails only because you don't have hard evidence, only a hard head.
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 4383319

I don't give a shit about chemtards, but that doesn't mean I'm going to stop posting the truth!

Again, you fail to understand that I'm not here to converse WITH you, I'm here to converse ABOUT you. You liars are defaming good people only because you are stupid and paranoid. The truth needs to posted next to your ignorant lies. The members of the aviation community deserve to be represented by truth.

That truth being, you people are stupid...and the trails are contrails.

The trails ARE contrails..you people have yet to show ANY evidence of "chemtrails". The burden of proof is on you losers to prove that the trails are anything more than contrails, and you fail!
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