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Message Subject Hi, My Name Is Sexy Rexy! I am A Gay Aussie American GLP'er - And PROUD Of It
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 27074012

If being a Gay & Proud Aussie American GLP'er is the pure definition of a troll, count me in! hf
 Quoting: Sexy Rexy 13681729

What the fuck have you done to be PROUD ?
Why is it that the gays love throwing about the word PROUD/PRIDE with out knowing what it means. Just like how you don't know where you put your dick you also fail at common english. You must have accomplished something to be proud something worthy. Putting your penis into a hairy mans anal cavity isn't what nature intended nore is it a moment in your life to be "proud" of. Being gay or being American, or being Black or being born into any domination on this planet does not give you the right to play the "PROUD" card. You cannot be proud of being born but privilege to be apart of a nation but PROUD comes from PRIDE and you must EARN your PRIDE. PRIDE cannot just be given on the pretence you've become a faggot shut the fuck up with that bull shit.


SHILLS keep playing this gay card on this site to distract people from other issues. I know it's all freedom of speech but how many threads do we need on this site about sexual deviancy ? Go back in the closet your views on sexual behaviour are sickening and disgusting. You don't know how to love, you will never experience real sex as only a well wet pussy is able to appreciate a man.

Gays also need to quit playing the Marriage card you cannot marry nore can you love. Your gay you've given up many things to follow the lusting dark path of homosexuality. It's not healthy it's self destructive any annoying. Keep pestering and pestering over the top flamboyant.

Can't trust a gay they love the taste of shit slap in the face to nature and god saying the pussy isn't tasty. How the fuck is the pussy not tasty? WTF IS WRONG WITH YOU!!!!!! PUSSY FOR LIFE!
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