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Message Subject How can I go beyond "fallen away Catholic" to "not Catholic"?
Poster Handle Luke25
Post Content
figure out a way to get ex-comunicated
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 9170468

Would the present Roman Catholics then call me "not Catholic?" I mean I fit most of their criterion for ex-commication:

1.) I do not believe in transubstantiation.
2.) I do not believe Mary was sinless.
3.) I do not believe in forgiveness of sins by a priest.
4.) I do not believe in such a thing as "mortal" sin as I do not believe I can loose my salvation.
5.) I reject the idea of Christians still trying to follow the 10 commandments.
6.) I do not believe in praying to saints.
7.) I do not believe in the existence of a place called purgatory.
8.) I do not believe in prayer for the dead.
9.) I reject the papacy and the concept that the pope is some how the replacement for Christ on earth.
10.) I reject the concept of indulgences.

I could continue, but, clearly I am NOT a member of the Roman Catholic Church.

Please note: I am not asking for rebuttals or theological arguments on Roman Catholic Doctrine...simply put, I am not going back to the Roman Catholic Church. I am asking Catholics here: How do I get you to stop calling me a "fallen away Catholic" with the implication that I will someday go back. I will not ever again be a member of the Roman Catholic Church. I want to be called "not Catholic" - how do I get that moniker?
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 24011342

bump Praise Jesus! I've had to explain things to my Catholic parents about Christ. They take the Bibles out of those places.
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