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Message Subject How can I go beyond "fallen away Catholic" to "not Catholic"?
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
Oh OP, don't like that term "fallen away Catholic", it's your bitterness about your choice.

Once Catholic always Catholic. You will be judged on what you
understand. Understand, you've been given the true faith.

Once4All, a fallen away Catholic is preaching from the incomplete Protestant Bible with it's thousands of changes to
fit the heresies of Protestantism.

Once4All is going run from the Truth until the Great Warning. Pray for His conversion, actually, reversion. Pray for his entire family to return to the faith.

Eddy is bringing up the false "born again" meaning in his
Christmas, he says..."teaching" thread.

Where is the "water" in the altar call? So sad....
 Quoting: Mary 20541213

Seee...baby Protestantism. Baby Christians. There is no
in Protestantism~!! You offer sacrifice on an altar and you need a priest, a spiritual basic.

You must come further, quit with the standard objections to
the faith, they've been explained thousands of times.

You choose it, grape juice and crackers or receiving Christ
Himself in the most Holy Eucharist and it takes 100% belief,
faith to believe Jesus is fully present in the consecrated host.

Remember, having faith makes God very happy, we all agree.
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