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Message Subject How can I go beyond "fallen away Catholic" to "not Catholic"?
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
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Re: Build -A- Teaching: How Vulnerable Was the Baby Jesus? Please share -->

Agreed. As a baby, Jesus had not yet received the Holy Spirit, so my GUESS is that He did not yet have the power to project Himself. (I am a little shaky on the idea and plan to look into it more). When He was crucified, He had all power and could have refused the crucifixion.
Quoting: SoulWinner

hmmm... interesting thinking. Right, He did not have the Holy Spirit when He was born. I think He was at the mercy of those arround Him which is why the Angel told them to flee shortly after His birth.
Quoting: Once4All

The part that confuses me, and which I will need to review, is how the Holy Spirit could have conceived Jesus, and Jesus not have the Holy Spirit. Also, when Mary met Elizabeth, John the Baptist jumped in her womb; he had the Holy Spirit even in the womb. I have some reading to do.
Quoting: SoulWinner

While we are at it... Was Jesus "born again" ???
Quoting: Once4All

He is the firstborn into eternal life, I believe, given that that everyone born again is born of the Spirit which became available only after Jesus rose and ascended. All of these great questions, and so many assumptions I have never really challenged. And I still have not opened my Bible this evening. But I will! I know the answers are there.

_ _ _ _ _

No SoulWinner,

All your questions are answered by the Church. Once4All
knows this and plays the Protestant game, you get to decide the meaning of Scripture. Heresy.

God did not give every person the authority to interpret
Scripture, this is Protestant heresy. The reasons for their
not knowing and all the division.
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